I was afraid of using botox for the first time, but Dr. Roly was very kind and eased me into the whole process. I’ve had 6 units and my face has never looked better! Very professional and compassionate I appreciated the time he spent going over the details with me, calming my nerves and fears and then hand-holding me through the shots, which were -surprisingly- not as painful as I had thought!. Thank you Dr. Roly I will come back! ”

– Jeanine Sanders.

Fantastic service! Organized, hygenic and punctual. I loved getting my fillers from Dr. Roly, he never missed an appointment, adviced me on the best procedures and actually convinced me I needed less work than I thought of. Very happy with the results!”

– Melissa Adams.

There’s a difference between aging and aging gracefully, I didn’t want to look like my face was frozen and was a little afraid of the side effects, so Dr. Roly talked to me about my alternatives. My friends keep saying I look radiant, but can’t tell I’ve had any work done. It all looks and feels very natural. Thank you!”

Fantastic results you can see from the first session! I loved Dr. Roly’s sensitivity and experienced hands, it’s great to have a real doctor with you.”

As a man, getting a tune-up on your face is kind of ‘tabu’, but sometimes it’s just what you need for work or to stay in the game. Dr. Roly is hands down the go-to guy for this kind of stuff, he is discrete, quick and keeps you looking naturally young. 100% Recommended!”

– Dan Murphy.

I’ve been visiting Dr. Roly for over 2 years now and each time I am more in love with myself. Painless, fast and with beautiful results that keep me coming for more. Also, fully bilingual ! Thank you Dr. Roly”

– Jenniffer Rodriguez.

Great service from a fantastic doctor. I look just how I feel, have recommended Dr. Roly to friends and family and everyone is just as pleased as I am. Can’t say enough good things about him. 5 stars.”

A truly sensitive physician. I was very afraid of injectables, but was pretty desperate to get rid of the forever-tired look on my face. A friend brought me to Dr. Roly and he was kind enough to make time for me, answer all my questions and after trying Radiesse fillers I can say I look forever fresh and very natural.”

I’ve been seeing Dr. Roly for 3 years. Nobody knows. When people ask me for my secret I always say everyone ages gracefully in my family. Thank you Dr. Roly , you’re the best kept beauty secret in NY!”

Amazing, that’s how I feel. That’s how I look. That’s what Dr. Roly is like. Simply amazing, Thank You so much!”